Monday, March 16, 2015

A rainy day in Islamabad

Many of my readers may remember 'A Rainy Day' of our school times. But today it really is a rainy day in Islamabad - in fact Islamabad is witnessing rainy days for the last many days. And today being Monday, it also reminds me one of my favourite song by The Carpenters: Rainy days and Mondays!!

I have over the last week shot many photos of the falling rain on different occasions through my Galaxy S4 camera set at 'Animated Photos' mode which gives out results in the form of gif format. I have earlier posted a few gif format photos too - but these photos really give out the true windy and rain day effect.

Keeping a camera handy may not be possible, but one chooses a smartphone carefully - a phone that also satisfies one's photography hobby passion, there is nothing like it. 

And these moving and animated photos do speak tall of the many modes Galaxy S4 provides to me.

So enjoy the photos and keep sipping a hot cup of creamy coffee for as long as it rains - that is what I am doing while writing the post.

Attributes: All photos above are taken by me and are accordingly copy righted.

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