Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dolfinarium, Netherlands – The largest marine mammal park in Europe

Sometime back, I shared a post ‘Oceanographic Park, Valencia - the largest Aquarium in Europe.’ The aquarium is not only huge and the biggest in Europe, but also houses all kind of marine life in a manner that it looks as if one is really under the sea watching what wonderful world lays under the blue sea.

Although, during my Schengen travelogue we could not go to Spain, but we sure did go to a place though much smaller in size but is the most visited and largest sea animal park in Europe.

On our third day in the Netherlands, my friend suggested that we must see the dolphins in action for fun. I thought the show as right there in Groningen. But I was told that the place called Dolfinarium is located in the city of Harderwijk, almost close to Amsterdam. Well that meant a drive of almost an hour and a half to cover the distance of 143.8 kilometers via A28 highway.

So early morning we left by road and were there by 11 AM. But before we could spot the Dolfinarium, I spotted the lone windmill, of which I have already talked about in one of my earlier posts.

Thereafter we went to the Dolfinarium - bought the tickets and went into the huge area which houses dolphins, seals and walruses. Each day a number of shows are arranged separately for the walruses, seals and the dolphins. Although we were late, but we managed to see all three shows and enjoyed the day.

A brief history of the Dolfinarium: The work on the concept started in 1955 by two brothers Frits den Herder and Coen. The venue was opened to public in 1965 and has since then become a great tourist attraction for all those visiting Netherlands. City of Harderwijk where Dolfinarium is located is an hour's drive from Amsterdam. Approximately 800,000 visitors come here annually.

Visit to such places is incomplete if hots are not taken as my family below pose at the Dolfinarium to make it a memorable tour of our Schengen travelogue.

I will cover the shows for each mammal separately with the photos taken and videos made.

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