Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chocolate Mousse Cake baked with love

It is a hearty Sunday today as my wife has baked a fingers licking Chocolate Mousse Cake for us today. The post is not to share the recipe as many such recipes can be downloaded from the net. But the post is a thank-you for she was not obliged to bake this cake for us at all.

But it is her love for all of us that often results her staying in the kitchen more than she does ordinarily and bake or cook something special for us. And while we eat, one can smell the aroma of her love side by side the aroma of the cake itself. 

And more than anyone else in the house, I am the first one to smell of something being baked or cooked in the kitchen as my study is adjacent to the kitchen. And this often forces me to stop typing my blogs, and go to the kitchen and have the first bite of the freshly baked cake or the dish.

We are a lucky family where everything goes by love. And the love of a spouse can be felt nowhere else but in the taste of the dishes she makes, cooks or bakes for her family. Do you feel the same way?

All photos are taken by me by my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone camera

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