Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fly in Economy to survive a plane crash

I love travelling and mostly do it by driving as it provides me ample opportunities to explore lands, meet people and of course take photos, which is ardent a hobby as my passion for travelling. My recent Schengen countries tour in car was really exciting, interesting and memorable.

But what about air travel? Well air travel is only an option when flying 'very' long distance flights. But I try to avoid flying for many reasons, specially the safety fears. Recently there have been a number of air crashes in the East Asia with no clues as to what went wrong.

AS for the safety fears, I read an interesting and informative article in the Daily Mail which suggests that travelling in economy class is much safer than travelling in the hi-fi elite first and business classes. 

In case of crash, mostly the front of the fuselage is damaged/destroyed - leaving most of the economy class intact

The articles proves that in many air crashes, that take on ground and not on sea, the forward portion of the fuselage gets destroyed and mostly leaving the rear of the fuselage intact where the economy class passengers travel.

However, surviving a crash is not enough. According to experts, surviving he initial impact isn't everything. Passengers are then at risk of fire and smoke inhalation as well as water in the case of a water landing, meaning often the best way to save yourself is to exit the plane as quickly as possible. This means one has to be physically active, in good shape and fit enough to exit the plane as soon as possible.

And there is yet one more thing: Knowing the exit points of the aircraft - something we ignore while the attendants are demonstarting the flight safety means. If one knows where exactly is the nearest safety exit, one can move swiftly and exit rather than trying to wonder where the exit could be, specially in case of night crashes when it is dark inside.

Remember: Those in premium class might enjoy fine food and service, but it's safer to fly economy!!

Read more about how to survive a crash at Daily Mail
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