Thursday, January 29, 2015

The magical healing powers of Papaya

I first came across papaya when I had just said goodbye to my teens and entered in my professional life. My first posting was in Karachi and my boss was very fond of eating this yellowish-orange looking fruit in his office first thing in the morning. The mess waiter told me that he was eating something called as papaya. 

I haven't really befriended it since the for it is neither sweet nor sour or even bitter. It is kinda a tasteless unless one is lucky to get a just-ripe papaya which is more sweet than being tasteless. 

But if we go by its many health benefits, then one would sacrifice its taste and eat it to remain healthy and hearty. Some of the many health benefits of papaya are as under:

  • It supports cardiovascular system
  • It alleviates inflamation
  • It encourages renewal of muscle tissues
  • It is good for treatment of skin wounds - use papaya peel for treating wounds
  • Its daily use prevents or aids in preventing formation of cataracts of eyes
  • It helps constipation and nausea
  • And it is also said to prevent many causes of colon cancer and gastrointestinal system
Almost ripe Papayas of my home garden

Seeing its many health benefits, my wife has planted a  pair of papaya trees and is giving wonderful fruit - perhaps many may not know that papaya is the only fruit tree which does not give fruit unless the male and female trees are planted together.

Photos: Pixabay - except last one by me
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