Friday, January 16, 2015

My first Gif Animated Photo

The cell phone cameras are something much more than being a phone or means of communication. One can, with the aid of innumerous apps, do many things self made rather than the tailor made things otherwise available on the net.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it is a like many front line phones, is much beyond a cell phone. While checking out its various functions of the camera app, I came across a function that can let you make a gif of your own. And last night in the light of a torch, I decided to make a gif of my own.

It was time when a hot of tea was served to me and its steamy cup prompted me to shoot a gif shot. I did a number of these and the following one just came out as I wanted it to be.

Watch the gif photo below:

You may be able to watch the steam coming out of the tea cup with the torch in the back. The second moving cup is that which my wife was sipping tea from. I really liked my composition and would now be doing some more to make my own gif library.

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