Sunday, January 18, 2015

Train to Amsterdam

I have been sharing my photo travelogue of my visit to some of the Schengen countries in some of my previous posts. I have not been following a chronological sequence so as not to make it a time table run travelogue. 

However, this post is in continuation to my visit to Holland (although called the Netherlands - but I love it being called Holland). And you must have read how Holland became my first Schengen destination in my post "To Netherlands - Meeting a friend after 43 years."

While I had my day -2 at Groningen, my Day-3 and 4 were outside Groningen. And this post is about a train trip to Amsterdam. Although we were travelling by road, my friend advised us not to go in car to Amsterdam and instead take a train. And that advice was for a reason - he wanted us not to be hit by a tram that came unannounced from the direction least expected. So heeding to his advice, we took the train and spent the day in Amsterdam. In the short time available, we went around many places and even met America's president Barack Obama "in person." I will talk about these in detail in my coming posts.

Starting from Groningen railway station, as can be seen above, we headed for Amsterdam by train with a change over midway to the second train. The following photos show the train we boarded and some of the photos captured from the train windows.

My son was quick to shoot a slefie to make it a memorable journey

My younger son 

Some more photos follow herein under.

Our journey ended at Amsterdam Centrum at main railway station.

Announcement for a train to Netherlander's capital The Hague

Above is the main building of the Amsterdam central railway station - a great architectural marvel indeed. Outside, Amsterdam thrived with countless tourists from across the globe - some going for the city centre on foot, some embarking on blue and white trams, or some straightaway starting their Amsterdam tour in the boat. We too were in the last category and bought tickets for a boat ride around the city.

I will share the photos of the boat ride and a slide show in my next post, besides that of other places we visted. But for now, some of the photos with us in front of the Amsterdam central railway station:

Me and my wife

All photos above are mine and accordingly copy righted.

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