Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eat Carbs and drink coffee to be in shape

Tired of exercises and dieting to shed away your extra flesh around the belly? Well if you are and do not know what else to do, here is something you mat try and feel happy thereafter.

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Yes, a new study shows that eating carbs and drinking coffee can be the answer in reducing weight. The wonder four weeks diet that includes carbs, coffee and hot chocolate before going to bed may have the answer to your weight reducing dilemma.

Daily Mail has published this wonderful news of a  Four-Week Fitness and Food Effect, a collaboration between qualified medical doctor and nutritionist Dr Michelle Storfer and fitnessontoast.com exercise blogger Faya Nilsson, takes the faddiness out of the equation and instead that recommends eating carbs, feeling full, drinking caffeine, enjoying hot chocolates and not over-exercising.

The plan promises to 'transform your physique' in just four weeks, helping you to lose weight, lower your body fat percentage, tone up and feel infused with energy.

If interested watch the video below:

Do you want to know more? Read about it at: Daily Mail
Photo: Pixabay
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