Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WW II vintage Bunker D – One of Kiel’s Tourist Attractions

 Bunker D

As I mentioned in my earlier post on Kiel and its history, Kiel was a major German naval base during the WW-II and was thus subjected to severe Allied bombing. To minimize human losses from such attacks, many bunkers were constructed inside the ship yards where employees and workers took shelter during air raid.  

While most of the WW II destroyed buildings were demolished to make way for new construction, this building, known as Bunker D has been left intact as an effort to preserve history. Constructed in 1942, the Bunker withstood the Allied bombing and the scars are still visible on the face of the massive concrete structure.

Presently, the building stands sealed. However, as per one review, the bunker was renovated and a gallery for art exhibitions, a café, a space with a small stage for events and a small cinema was added to it

 A brief on Bunker D - no English translation for non-German speaking tourists

Those visiting Kiel and want to see this massive bunker, should visit the Fachhochschule (Kiel University of Applied Sciences) where the bunker is located. It is the same university where my son is doing his masters these days and he took us there to show us one of the tourist attractions of Kiel.

 This is I standing in front of Bunker D

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