Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pakistan's Mountain Peaks Viewed from 20,000 feet by Para Gliders

Pakistan is an amazing country which abounds in natural trove to such an extent that tourists  trekkers and mountain climber cannot resist the temptation of coming to Pakistan and explore the many explored and many more virgin places and hidden peaks that are scattered all around Pakistan.

From the coast of Arabian Sea, to the desolate deserts of Sind and Southern Punjab, vast treks of uninhibited lands of Balochistan, the fertile plains of Punjab and spectacular mountains in the north - Pakistan is a place not to miss.

Talking specifically of Pakistan's north and its snow covered mountains, Pakistan takes pride for being the land blessed with five of the fourteen Eight Thousanders of the world - including the mighty K-2, the second highest peak after the Everest.

While these mighty mountains attract trekkers and mountaineers, some  who dare also opt for heli skiing to explore the unspoiled peaks of the Karakoram. I talked about it last year.
Steen shot of the para gliders hovering at 20,000 to explore the mighty mountains of Pakistan
But today, I share an amazing video about dare devils who opted to para glide at 20,000 feet and watch and film these awesome mountains peaks from the top or just skirting by these. Instead of describing in words, see the adventure of these para gliders in the video below - you will be flabbergasted by the beauty of the mountains and the adventure of these para gliders who would never forget the feeling of being 'up there' for there lives.

If you have the passion and desire to scale these mighty peaks, do come to Pakistan and watch and be at places that are not only unique in the world, but aslo leave unimagainable impressions on one's memory for the rest of your life.

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Felix Lee said...

This place is amazing. Another beautiful gift of nature to adore.