Thursday, March 21, 2013

Facebook and Pakistan

Of all the social media networks, Facebook has over the years emerged as the most powerful social media not only around the world but in Pakistan too. Each day a ton of information is uploaded by various groups and individuals from Pakistan that are not only amazing and beautiful, but are awe inspiring as well. These photos and accompanying information indeed serves as a well treasured source to introduce the beauty and natural trove of Pakistan to the world.

Today, while I was scanning through the Facebook, some of the photos and information caught my attention and I thought of sharing these on my blog so as to project the natural wealth and beauty of Pakistan to my readers around the world.

To start with is the photo above of the Mataltan Village, Swat, shared by Colors of Pakistan (Picture Credits : Mujahed Qasmi). This group has been sharing stunning and eye catching photos of various parts of Pakistan and is source which is worth appreciating.

Head Taunsa on River Indus at Kot Addu (Sada Apna Punjab)

Sada Apna Punjab (Translation: Our Very Own Punjab) is another group where you may find exclusive photos of the province of Punjab. Each photo share here is the true reflection of the people and land of the Punjab province and their lifestyle. 

The above photo is about the special 'halwas' one comes across in Punjab, specially Lahore during winters. These sweets are enormously rich in oil, sugar, milk and dry fruits, beside the main ingredients. In the above photo, one can see two large open pans with Gajar ka Halwa (made of carrots) and Daal ka Halwa (made form grams) is the specialty of Lahore. One should not miss eating these when visiting Lahore.

Lahore, the City of Garden is yet another rich group about the culture, history and its glorious past and present of the city of Lahore. I have always been attracted by their photo sharing which go back to as old as the city of the Lahore itself is. This is one my favourite groups and despite being a born Lahorite, I am amazed to find so much about Lahore that I had not known before. 

Above: Badshahi Mosque, Lahore (1915-1919 Bottom: The 1st Inniskilling (Royal Irish infantry regiment) marching through street of Lahore c. 1947

The two photos above are rare in the sense that the photo of Badshahi Mosque is almost a century old. And the photo below shows marching of the British soldiers most probably just before the partition as the troops were leaving Lahore on the eve of end of the British Empire in the Indian sub continent.

The information shared by Lahore, the City of Garden, about Princess Bamba Sutherland, the eldest daughter of Maharaja Daleep Singh, who chose to settle down in Lahore in the then posh locality of Model Town, is worth mentioning. She named her house as Gulzar, which had a complete one canal of land dedicated to her garden of roses. Here she married Dr David Waters Sutherland who was Principal of the King Edward Medical College, Lahore (now Medical University).

Princess Bamba inherited a vast collection of paintings, art objects, historical documents and royal orders from her father and kept these in safe custody at Lahore. After her death, her art trove caretaker Pir Karim Bakhsh Supra handed over her art trove that consisted of 18 oil paintings, 14 water colours, 22 ivory paintings, 17 photographs, 10 metallic objects and seven miscellaneous articles, are known as ‘The Princess Bamba Collection’ to the Department of Archaeology, Government of Pakistan, for preservation as a national asset. 

She quietly slipped into its soil on March 10, 1957, almost unknown and unwept.

I do not know what became of the ‘The Princess Bamba Collection’, but the information shared by the group is of enormous historical value, which we may not have known otherwise but through Facebook.

I will continue to share information about Pakistan as shared through Facebook by individuals and groups to let my readers outside Pakistan know about the inherent beauty and love in time.

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Felix Lee said...

Pakistan is one of the most places with hidden beauty that is yet to be discovered.