Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation Packages - What's Included in All Inclusive?

By: Eboni Beckstead

When you book an "all-inclusive" vacation the items included can vary a great deal from location to location. Although these packages usually provide a basic set of essential amenities such as food, lodging and some forms of entertainment, the exact details must be investigated. Here are some of the things you should look for when planning your all-inclusive trip.

The Basic Packages You can expect your all-inclusive package to include accommodations, all meals, drinks - often including standard alcoholic beverages, and use of all the basic sports activities available. This might include bicycles to use on the facilities, hiking, fitness centers, shows and pools. Taxes, tipping and transfers to and from the airport are also part of your vacation package.

Some locations will also include golfing if they have a course on the property. Others include basic wedding packages with a ceremony, a cake, some light fare and a photo or two.

An additional perk of all-inclusive resorts is that if the chain has more than one facility in the same area you can usually access the services available at the other resort for free. When this is the case you may find transportation between the resorts at regular intervals.

Family Friendly Resorts Offer Kids Services Originally all-inclusive resorts focused upon couples and singles. Today a great many of them target families instead. For mom and dad this can be a great option. These resorts tailor their services to entertain the kids so that parents can relax without worry.
Programs that are designed for children of different ages are also part of the package at these resorts. 

Such arrangements will include kid friendly food and activities that range from games and crafts to trapeze lessons. It is worth mentioning that for very young children, usually under the age of 4, there is often an additional charge for day care.

What Costs Extra? While all-inclusive resorts are based upon the concept that you shouldn't have to open your wallet the whole time you are on vacation, there are some services that are available at a premium.

Casinos - If your resort has a casino expect to pay to play.

Spas - Some resorts may include a credit towards services depending upon the length of your stay. Any other services you access will cost you, and the rates vary tremendously.

Premium Alcohol - The policies regarding alcohol differ from resort to resort. Some have no limits on what they offer their visitors, but most exclude champagne, XO and premium brands.

Day Trips - Since most all-inclusive resorts are located at exotic locales they offer excursions to popular spots. These trips can be anything from SCUBA diving off nearby reefs to family trips to nearby water parks.

Nannies and Babysitting - For families traveling with infants and young children most resorts offer some sort of child care during the day. At night, however, expect to pay for someone to watch your children.

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