Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Would Dubai one day be eaten up by sands? An artist's eerie projection of future

Imagination has no bounds. But when ground realities are combined with the natural encounters, one may be able to forecast a grim and terrible future. 

Those who have been to Dubai or those who are living there, may not comprehend an artist's idea of how Dubai one day may become, when all living being leave it and let it demise with blowing sands and roaming animals.

Strange visitor: A rhino walks in the sand at an abandoned building site
Rhino roaming amid abandoned buildings surrounded by sands and desolateness [Photo: Daily Mail / Richard Allenby-Pratt]
The award-winning British photographer and artist Richard Allenby-Pratt have created post-apocalyptic nightmare scenario realized in eerie images for Dubai - which is hair raising. The concept is based on the fact that the global downturn and mounting debts may threaten Dubai's future. 

And it may not be hard to imagine this sun-seared metropolis being swallowed back up by the surrounding sands as a financial meltdown prompts its wealthy sponsors to leave, followed by the 2million mainly foreign workers depending on them.

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