Friday, May 11, 2012

With much love, Mom and Dad

Life has many ups and downs - but for those who have crossed over to most of their years in the world, there is a different life ahead. Something very strange, unbelievable and astonishing - as suddenly those who have been darling of their eyes find no time to for their parents getting old, tired and helpless.

The desperation of being left alone is haunting and awesome - every parent has to bear this solitary confinement some point in time in their life. No matter how many children one has, suddenly there is no one to listen, sit or even share a moment because life is getting so fast that even to spare a moment is tantamount to  lose the race for the top or keeping ahead of one's contemporaries.

If you have your parents aging and growing wrinkles on their faces, watch the video below before you do what most of us do to our parents:

With much love, Mom and Dad!!

Video courtesy: YouTube / Cealager