Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Monkey Test

If you hear of the word 'Monkey Test,' you would probably think of some monkey business into it as the word simply sounds funny.

The Monkey Test
But those who are serious at their work and have ingenuity of mind, may even go to the extent of 'monkey testing' what they produce to give it the last test that involves the unimaginative and un-think-of  treatment at the hands of monkeys to check the robustness of their products.

Each year the car manufacturers have their vehicles undergo rigorous tests to ensure their cars have been tested in extreme conditions so that the finished product when reaches the customers, it is as safe as it could humanly be made so. But what about the 'Moneky Test?'

Recently, Hyundai's new family i30 hatchback was put to the ultimate 'Monkey Test' at Knowsley Safari Park, in Merseyside, where the baboons are well known for mobbing visitors' motors. The car was left at the mercy of the baboons, who took a heavy toll of every part of the car's body, attachments, buttons, interior and upholstery. 

As the Monkey Test was video taped, it was really fun watching the 'experts' at work. At one stage, some 40 baboons 'inspected' the car, jumping up and down on the seats and clambering through the ‘panoramic ambience’ (Hyundai’s phrase) of the sliding glass roof.

and when the Monkey Test was over, it was found with  delight that the 'experts' had only left a few scrapes, lots of smears and finger marks, a dislodged rubber door seal that was rejected as a snack, plus some tooth marks in the steering wheel. The good news: no one stole the alloys. The car passed the Monkey Test.

Read more/see more photos/watch Monkey Test video: Mail Online


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