Tuesday, May 1, 2012

iPhone 5: Ultra thin with Laser Keyboard and Holographic Display

When iPhone5 was announced previously, but instead came out iPhone 4S, the potential customers were largely disheartened as the new gadget did not provide much of an edge over the then existing iPhone 4.

It is too early to predict what the new iPhone would be like. But a video on YouTube gives us some clue as to what all could be contained in Apple's new gadget - something that can immensely redress the grievances of all iPhone lovers.

The video below by San Francisco design shop Aatma gives us some insight of a future iPhone. 

The iPhone 5 may be extra thin and sleek with a better camera. But what is being speculated is the incorporation of a laser keyboard and / or holographic display. No one knows for sure whether Apple is towing this futuristic line or not for its new iPhone 5, but if it does, there may be a paramount shift of Android lovers to iPhone 5.

What else one would like in iPhone 5? Why not list your wish list and talk about it on the net - may be some Apple engineer gets hold of your idea and incorporates into the new iPhone 5.