Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Incredible Real Life Videos - 1

Many things happen around us, which we normally don't take notice of or we are not prepared to shoot these moments as these happen so swiftly and instantly that it does not allow us time to prepare our cameras or even cellular phones to preserve the moment.

But there are some who are quick enough to shoot imposing moments as they happen or catch something incredible while shooting something else. 

VidiLoad is one such place where one can find momentous and incredible timely videos that are not only awesome, but also hair raising in many cases as these are REAL. I am sharing a few of these today which are really amazing.

The video below was taken from plane which crashed while making an approach over a thickly wooded countryside. Imagine someone making this clip - the last shot of his life:

The following video is of a tow truck towing a huge truck in snow covered mountain road - see what happens when a small driver error is made on such difficult to drive roads:

I will share more videos in future that are from our real life by a few of those daring people who are alert to their surroundings and are able to shoot these amazing and awesome videos for us to see.

Videos via: VidiLoad