Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Djokovic vs Andujar (Indian Wells)

Djokovic - tonight's hot favourite
Novak Djokovic is up first on round of 16 in Indian wells tennis and taking on Spaniard Pablo Andujar as he,the defending champion, takes the court first thing on Wednesday in the California desert.

For Pablo Andujar facing the defending champion would be a great honour indeed, though he is most likely a straight loser in tonight's match. and that is but natural as facing world number one is never easy. Although, Djokovic hasn't have a winning start in 2012 when he lost to Murray in Dubai, Indian Wells provide him a chance to start afresh and continue with his winning spree for the rest of the year as many major events await him all along.

While Djokovic is a big favourite not only for tonight's match but for the tournament as well, Andujar is a big underdog in this match. But despite being ranked 45th, he has managed to play some good tennis and has won over Haase, Mayer and Ramos in his previous matches at the Indian Wells.

The match tonight commences 18:00 GMT.