Wednesday, March 7, 2012

10 Free Must-Have Travel Apps for Android

Who says technology doesn't help travelers? If you have an android laced smartphone, technology will be there right inside your smartphone to make your travel comfortable, informative, memorable and interesting.

The tons of apps that are available for the Android phones, now have more for you specific to your travel needs. And what is more interesting that most of these Apps are FREE. Mashable has selected 10 such free travel specific Apps which they claim to be the best and most helpful for travelers - whether taking a short or a longer trip.

Some of the 10 Free useful must-have travel Apps for Android
These Apps can come handy when planning a trip and then can assist during the travel that includes a language translation app, a reliable flight tracker and a way to record your receipts and expenses. For example, one of the Apps takes all of your travel plans and organizes them into one convenient itinerary. Forward all of your email confirmations and the service will create a travel plan and sync it with your phone's calendar.

These Apps can help you to track flights and get push notifications for flight status changes. One of the Apps lets you position your phone's camera to discover information and points of interest around you. 

Here is a list of the selected 10 FREE must-have travel Apps for your Android smartphone:

Currency Converter
Taxi Magic
Google Translate
Find the information interesting? Read details at Mashable for more on each above. Next time you are stuck up in planning a trip or find appropriate flights to your destiny, use these apps for your help. And you would find Google Translator to help all your language problems. These Apps thus make you embark on your travel hassle and care free. 

Try these!! These are for you.