Saturday, February 4, 2012

Top 10 Influential People of 2011

Some men and women out of the billions always stand out from the rest - for the dare to be different, innovative and revolutionaries.It is their ability to come upwith something different that makes them different and ultimately influential.

Top 10 Influential People of 2011
While it may not be possible to list all these men and women here,  Top Ten Things  have compiled a list of 10 such people, given herein under, who influenced their own spheres of life and work that made them standout, influence others and make headlines.
  1. Julian Assange – founder of WikiLeaks
  2. Mark Zuckerberg – facebook founder
  3. Geoffrey Canada – an educator
  4. Joseph Stiglitz – great economist
  5. Amy Poehler – actress and comedian
  6. Peter Vesterbacka – game developer
  7. Wael Ghonim-the revolutionary spokesman of Egypt
  8. Angela Merkel – political consensus
  9. Ron Bruder - an advocate
  10. Reed Hastings- an entrepreneur

The names given above have been jumbled up from the order by Top Ten Things - why not make a guess who stands where and at what position? 

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