Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pakistan vs England: 2nd Day of 3rd Test - 4 February - Watch Live Online Free

Wow!! The first day of the 3rd Test match between England and Pakistan was simply sensational. It was purely a bowlers day as the day saw falling of 16 wickets in succession. Pakistan lost its first wicket when its score was simply ONE. At 22, Pakistan had lost its entire top batting line and by 99 runs, the entire team was back in the pavilion. Broad and Anderson were the most successful bowlers who took 4 and 3 wickets respectively.

The English squad was high in spirits as after the defeat in earlier two tests mainly at the hands of Pakistani spinners, England needed something to show in the third test. Despite superb performance of their bowlers for dismantling Pakistan for mere 99, the came to bat with much confidence - but their joy was short lived. Pakistan spinners restricted their score and by the end of the day, they were 6 wickets down with paltry 104. Pakistani spinners Rehamn and Ajmal took 3 and 1 wickets respectively, while Umar Gul made the initial headway by taking 2 wickets.

Unless the English make a headway and score something 200 or beyond today, they cannot provide an imposing target to Pakistan.

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