Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Djokovic - a would be Rod Laver

In 1969, Rod Laver made history for having won all the four Grand Slams of the time in one year, including the Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and the Australian Open. There has been none thereafter to hold all these four Grand Slam titles simultaneously in one year.

Now there is someone who can - the Serbian who recently won the Australian Open 2012. Djokovic is the man of new generation who has outclassed the two tennis titans Nadal and Federer and is upbeat for his bright future. Eyeing the French Open in June later this year, Djokovic could become the second man in tennis history to have all the coveted Grand Slam titles in one year.

Can Djokovic (bottom) match Pure Grand Slam by Rod Laver (top left) and Golden Slam of Steffi (top right)?
And not only this, he can also become second to Steffi Graf's Golden Slam when she in 1988 had all the titles with Olympic gold added to it.

Standing as World Number 1, tall, lean and lanky Djokovic has the potential, resilience and determination to go down in tennis history to retain both 'Pure Grand Slam' and 'Golden Slam' titles this year. He is lucky to have London Olympics also being held this year to attempt the Golden Slam.

And Djokovic is quite optimistic about attaining both titles. "It is possible," says Djokovic. "Obviously, the times are different and tennis nowadays is much more competitive and much more physical. And that makes that challenge more difficult to achieve. But everything is possible."

Only time will tell what it comes to be - but as for now, there is man who can do it. 

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