Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Caribbean in the English Channel

Many years back I saw a movie 'Moscow on the Hudson' - but that was about a love affair between Moscow and USA. The Caribbean in the English Channel is something about swimming in Caribbean like warm water in the English Channel the year round.

One John Kaap, a pensioner, has found a warm water patch the size of  football off the coast of Sussex  where he swims the year round in his trunks.

76 years old Mr Kaap swims in the Channel as if in the Caribbean
The phenomenon is not something like a miracle but is attributed to the nearby Shoreham power station that pumps out heated water into the channel, which provides Kaap a patch of the size of the football ground warm enough to swim before this water loses its heat and joins the icy water of the Channel.

The onlookers find it amazing seeing the old man diving into the otherwise cold icy water of the Channel, only in his trunk, and swims as if in the Caribbean while the Londoners would not even think of touching the Channel water at this time of the year.

If you happen to be in England, and are fond of swimming in the Channel even in winters, do meet Mr Kaap for advice.

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