Friday, December 23, 2011

Journey down the world’s longest rivers

[ via BBC Travel ] 22 Dec

Travelers around the world normally choose places, old monuments, ruins, cafes and city centers when listing down the "must see".  But would it be worthwhile to spare some time to travel along the rivers? Rivers abound in marks left by history, people and the lost civilizations.

The three longest rivers of the world: Nile (Top L), Amazon (R), Yangtze (Bottom L)
This is exactly what BBC Travel is recommending - journey down the world's longest river.

Travelling the world’s rivers is an exhilarating way to experience the lifeblood of a country, gliding past many of their most imposing sights and feeling the pulse of ancient civilisations. Connect the past with the present on three inspiring voyages down the world’s longest rivers, says Lonely Planet of BBC.

Read full story that talks of the three famous longest rivers of the world: Egypt's Nile, Brazil's Amazon and China's Yangtze.