Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scuba Diving at Charna Island in Arabian Sea

Charna Island (above), Coral Reef at Charna Island (below)

For many even in Pakistan, the name of Charna Island will not ring an bells. But for a select group of scuba divers from Karachi, the island is ideal for scuba diving for its rather safer under water reefs. Charna Island is located near the area where the Hub River flowing in from Balochistan turns into a delta and flws into the Arabian Sea. To reach the island, one has to drive to Sonera Beach (near Mubarak Village) by following a road that turns off the main Hawkesbay route and leads to the Hub power plant. From Sonera Beach, the island is 10 kilometers inside the sea, which is about 90 minutes ride in a boat.

Watch video of scuba diving at Charna Island below:

The full story appears at Dawn (Scuba Diving off Charna Island by Nadir Siddiqui)
Photos/video credit: Nasir Siddiqui/Dawn