Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6 September - the day of remembrance of martyrs and heroes

6 September is a day to remember as on this day, the entire Pakistan has united to thwart an aggression and succeeded. As a small kid, I witnessed the war from its very close quarters in Lahore - an even that later shaped my destiny. Lahore heard the thumping of artillery guns, saw the dog fight over its skies and waved at army jawans moving by in trucks.

The very motivating radio broadcast of the then president of Pakistan, Muhammad Ayub Khan was really heart warming and is still remembered by those who heard it. The melodious songs of Noor Jahan and many others raised the morale of the armed forces and even the common citizens.
While we should endeavour for peace and peaceful coexistence with all our neighbours as wars do not solve problems and leave painful scars, we salute our martyrs and heroes of the armed forces and those civilians who perished as a consequence of the war - their sacrifices will always be remembered.