Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cook Wanted!!

Well we need one and have been searching for a suitable candidate for my house. Many candidates came, “performed” and left after their superb performance. But none could really be categorized as cook.  Fed up with the trying a new face every day, I requested a friend if he could find someone for my house. And he readily agreed as he knew someone just suitable for us.

So today evening the “suitable candidate” arrived. Looked OK, short stature, rather skinny and wearing neat clothes. Seeing his stature, I made up my mind to hire his services right away as he would not be a big drain on eatables stored in the kitchen and specially in the fridge. Well after pleasantries, I asked him where had he been working before, why was he fired and what he could do for us.

Well, for an instance he didn’t reply, and then he said that he was caught drinking milk by the previous employer in their kitchen. It sounded rather funny, but quite naturally if you find your cook drinking milk from your fridge, what other option you have had but to fire him. He further said that he could clean our house, wash clothes and dishes. “What about cooking”, I asked. Well to that he replied he did not know any cooking. Quite naturally I was dejected as we needed a cook, not a caretaker.  So I told him that we in search of a cook and not a jack of all trade less cooking.

When he was about to leave, I just asked him what would be his terms of conditions if I hired him anyway. And this is what he demanded, “A room for he and his wife.” “Wife?”, I sad. Yes, that’s right, he replied. I said what else. He demanded a salary of Rs. 11,000, three times meal for him and his wife and “2 glasses of milk twice daily for self and wife.” Four glasses of milk and food for two despite a hefty salary of Rs.11,000? I was truly shaken. Obviously I was taken aback on this long list of demand and could make out why he was shown the gate by his previous employer.

I thanked him for having taken the trouble of coming over and bid him farewell. But if any of my readers still want to hire him on the above mentioned demands, I can furnish his contact number. As for us, we have decided to live on without a cook and drink two glasses of milk ourselves everyday – this will keep us stronger to do things ourselves in the kitchen. Don’t you think so?