Friday, June 3, 2011

The budget and I

Although the caption of this post is synonymous to the famous Yul Brynner’s movie “The King and I” that I saw in my childhood, the consents are far different and sour. We wait for the budget ever year, and get disappointed when the cat is let out. Today, it is the same day again when the budget will be presented and everyone will have same expectations, but many keep their fingers crossed, as they know that nothing much would come out of it.

I for a moment being optimistic would want the finance minister to announce:
  • Pay and Pensions are being increased by 50%
  • POL prices are being lowered by 10%
  • The 2% increase in the electricity tariff is being done away with.
  • Arrangements have been made to produce electricity to our installed capacity and there would be no load shedding from this week onwards.
  • The price of roti has been fixed as Rs. 2 forever, as it is the government’s responsibility to provide bread to everyone at an affordable cost.
  • Import of all luxury items, including cars over 1800cc, cosmetics, toiletries and garments has been banned to conserve precious foreign exchange reserves.
  • All duties on medicines are being removed to provide cheap healthcare to every citizen of the country.
  • Import of bullet proof cars has been banned and all VVIPs to travel in ordinary cars, as death can not be prevented by the bullet proof cars.
  • All duties on computer hardware and software have been done away with to give access to computer technology to everyone.
  • Sufficient funds have been allocated for the rehabilitation of the flood victims, and every effort will be made to provide them shelter before the next monsoon.
  • Agriculture tax has been imposed on all holders of lands in excess of 12.5 acres to broaden the tax base.
And then – I wake up to the ground realities and myself to square one with crumbled dreams and failed promises.

I forgot that a king is a king, and I am I, the people.


Shirazi said...

Did any of your wises came true? You owe us another followup post on Budget. No?