Monday, May 2, 2011

Death of Osama Bin Laden

The news channels around the world show a beaming US president announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden (OBL) in an intelligence operation in Pakistan. Well for one thing; this may bring an end to lot of speculations about OBL, his whereabouts and his future. But at the same time his presence near a very sensitive military institution of Pakistan Army in the town of Kakul near Abbottabad, quite deep inside the country and away from any borders leaves much to ponder and raises many a eyebrow.

The overnight operation involving the American marines inside Pakistan is a big question mark. The operation as claimed by the US president was a pure American operation means the strength and highly sophisticated US equipment inside Pakistan explains presence of many clandestine US organizations, which have plagued media for quite some time now. The tip off of OBL’s presence had surely been based on “help” provided by someone from within rather than without. This fact is disturbing. If we knew it, why we didn’t take the OBL ourselves?

The hushed up last rituals of OBL and the burial of the dead body into the sea is yet another big question mark. Why this hurried burial? Why wasn’t his dead body shown on TV.

And above all, the hesitancy of the GOP to announce the success of operation is adding more to speculations. It is only foreign office which has issued statements, while no GOP official statement has been released.

While the world would rejoice, many also ponder that the death of OBL would incite many of his followers to copy his personality to continue his mission more fiercely than before. If this happens, this would be a major disaster and may endanger world peace more than ever before. This brings me to my last question.

And the last question: if the US and Pak intelligence knew of his presence, why wasn’t he captured alive by cordoning of the area and systematically closing in. after all he was not sitting on an A-Bomb that he would have exploded had any such attempt been made. Wouldn't his death make things worse than these are as of now? Or is his death and hurried burial into the sea a blanket cover to tuck away OBL safely somewhere else for unknown reasons.

It is too early to answer many questions that are boggling our mind, but if the news are really true, then we hope that this will usher in peace rather than stepped up militancy in Pakistan, of which people have suffered more than they deserved and many innocent lives have been lost in our support to the War on Terror or may I say War of Terror. 

I believe the death of OBL will be a bigger challenge for Pakistan as it will now have to brace itself for another wave of militancy for which it can ill afford in the wake of failing economy and numerous challenges it is facing, for which the present government has come up with no solutions so far.

Originally posted as Death of Osama Bin Laden ~ The Fire Within


KaramPaul said...

Thanks JahoJalal! Its really very big news. I like your post. Thanks for your valuable words!


Anonymous said...

For me the big question was how/why Pak authorities/military/police didn't intervene for 40 minutes long. There my be two answers: one, the some elements of Pak govt. were complicit with this raid and chose to ignore the raiders for 40 minutes; two, it is now known that US choppers were equipped with little-known stealth technology that made them practically invisible to Pak radars. Still, 40 minutes of foreign aircraft is waaaaay tooo long, and makes one wonder ...