Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let us innovate and help the community

The menace of load shedding is haunting us increasingly every day. For the past few days, the increase in the black-out spell has multiplied and one doesn't really know when it would again. The government doesn't seem to be doing anything about it and the sufferings of people is agonizingly increasing, with no respite in site. What should a common man do? Or let me say what should the community do?

Unfortunately in our country, there is no community based solutions as we always look towards the government to do something. But people across the globe have a different strategy and approach. They help themselves rather than waiting for the heavens or the local governments to come forward and help them. And that is how they help themselves by adopting a common approach.

We all are suffering from the load shedding, but we are only cursing those responsible for this. What do we do? Nothing, nothing at all.

Today, while fed up with the load shedding, I just started surfing the net to find solutions for alternative energy means, as soon as the electricity came. And I hit a site in which a large billboard in South Africa has been seen generating enough electricity for the kitchen of a local school for preparing food for 1,100 children. Made of solar panels, the billboard had been artistically designed both as a commercial value as well as a source for generating electricity from its solar panels for the local school. The initiative has been taken by a local bank.

Now if we look around, we have countless billboards…. (sorry the light went out)

Now if we look around, we find countless billboards littering the skyline all over our cities and countryside. If we follow the example of billboard generating electricity from solar cells as quoted above, just imagine how much electricity can be generated by the thousands of billboards that we find installed around us.

Likewise there are many small villages in China which are solely powered by bio-gas. Bio-gas idea isn’t new for us as once there was quite uproar on this technology. But then it died down with the same speed as it was ushered into our rural life.

The example above is just one; we can think f many innovative means to help fight the menace of load shedding in our country, only if we are determined to change our lives for better.


solar energy said...

Hmmm... a solar panel billboard is a nice idea. It can offset cost for the structure and efficiency deficiency of solar panels by generating money through electricity production and ad revenue.