Monday, March 28, 2011

Pakistani Sphinx - a natural wonder of its own kind

The huge man made Sphinx in Giza, Egypt is viewed by countless tourists from across the globe with awe and praise for those who made it. But there is one natural feature in the remote area in the Makran coastal region of the Balochistan province of Pakistan that resembles much the same as the Egyptian Sphinx.

I first came across feature many years ago when I was adding a new section on the Balochistan province in my website Pakistanpaedia. While searching for material, I saw the photo of the Sphinx like feature (above) in one of the travel guides and I was really inspired. The coast of Makran has muddy hills with very fast winds blowing throughout the year. These fast winds cut through the muddy hills and mountains, which results into shapes like the one above.

Pakistani Sphinx

Photo above shared on Flickr courtesy: ZAK

Perhaps at that time, the place wasn't much known as the area was not connected with metalled road and it was only those who dared could reach the area. But doe to the construction of the Coastal Highway, which is a man-made wonder of its own kind, the area has attracted many visitors and tourists who come to see this feature. The Sphinx like feature is located near the Buzi Pass right on the Makran Coastal Highway, some 250 kilometres away from Karachi.

So if you want to see this sphinx, a pure natural wonder and only of its kind in the world, do plan a drive along the Coastal Highway from Karachi, you will be amazed to see this sphinx waiting for you right by the roadside with all its natural might and awe.

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