Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mohali 30th March – Clash of the Cricket Titans

The cricket teams of Pakistan and India are readying to meet in the semi finals of the ongoing ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 on 30th March at Mohali, Chandigarh in India. The semi final between the cricket titans is being considered as the most crucial, and important match of the ongoing championship as the two favourites are also otherwise teams of the countries at loggerhead on issue of Kashmir since their independence from British India in 1947.
The Indian team will have the jam packed stadium to its advantage as the crowd will be whistling, dancing and cheering when a Pakistan wicket falls or when an Indian player hits a six or a four. Although a few Pakistanis have been allowed to visit India to watch the match, even they will find them at odds amidst a rather hostile crowd. This will put Pakistan team under lot of pressure and strain and all alone, surrounded by cheering crowd supporting India.

The highlight of the match would be the presence of prime ministers of both India and Pakistan in the arena. The match is being dubbed, therefore, as a window of opportunity for both the leaders to take initiative and bring their countries closer than ever before.

In the meantime, Mohali in general and the area around the arena has been turned into a fortress for security reasons. A security force of 4,000 personnel assisted by 150 CCTV cameras has been deployed, while helicopters would hover from the third dimension to thwart any untoward incidence.

As for the players, Pakistan’s captain Shahid Afridi and Indian all rounder Yuvraj are being tipped as favourites as these two players can generate the charisma for their teams and the crowd. Afridi with his Boom Boom appearance makes the crowd to roar and cheer, while raising their hopes of victory. This is not going to be an ordinary day and the entire Pakistan-India subcontinent would come to a virtual standstill for the entire duration of the match.

Pakistan wishes the very best for its team and pray they put up a stiff resistance to an equally strong Indian squad and WIN, Inshallah. 


KaramPaul said...

yeah! Oh It will be a great match. Its today..