Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Children-our future aspirations

The world at this point in time is torn in conflicts – there is unrest everywhere, both within and without. Wars, terror, demos and killings are making the grownups worse than animals. Instead of resolving issues with tact and wisdom, we are pounding bombs and killing people.

My son once asked me, “Father, you give us lectures and sermons on sincerity of purpose, honest, humanity, peace and love every minute of the day. Why don’t you the elders around the world act upon what you profess and want us to do?” I was dumbstruck as I didn’t have any answer to his innocent question and very objective observation.

I only hope that our children, so pure and simple, don’t grow up to be men and women like us – I wish them to grow differently, the way they dream and aspire. I pray their innocent faces do not get hardened and blackened in dust and smoke of wars and bombs exploding around them. Let our children be what we want them to become in a peaceful and lovable environment. Let our children be our only aspirations. Ameen

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