Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year – 2011

I got up early in the morning to shoot the first sun of the year 2011. But when I went outside, it was all fog – a dense fog shrouding everything around me. I could not even see the nearest house next to mine clearly except its silhouette. I waited and waited to have any glimpse of the sun, but could not. The fog resisted any of sun’s efforts to appear for photographers like I to preserve the moment.

Finding myself helpless to carry on with my adventure, I shot the house next to our to preserve the dawn of 2011 in fog. So it is Happy New Year for everyone around the world from me amid fog. I wish everyone peace and love and pray that the lunar eclipse of 21 December 2010 doesn’t cast any shadow over 2011.

Live well and be happy.


Shirazi said...

Better temp. It is neat.