Sunday, January 2, 2011

The game is on!!

Every blogger needs an audience and is in despair all the time to attract readers, traffic and comments. But the tips and techniques to increase traffic and improve one’s traffic are so complicated that one ends up in frustration and dejected. Being a new blogger, I also went through this ordeal months ago. And then someone told me You Say too. I did not quite get it until I joined the community.

Yes I am talking of YouSayToo which not only makes your woes comfortable addressed but also introduces you to a community that thinks like you and facilitates an audience for your posts and interests. If you are blogging for money, which mostly people do, joining the community would help you to do so, without doing much SEO drills. Besides your blog posts get an instant audience, besides making friends. If you do not have a blog, you may still air your sentiments, share your interests and concern by hosting your posts by using the community’s platform and still get recognition and acclaim.

For the game lovers, there is a choice that is endless. My son, who is always after new games, was fascinated to find games like the boxhead 2 and age of war. Not much into games myself, I still found out many board and card games that now take care of my pastime.

Since I have joined the community, I see a sizeable growth both in followers and M-trickles. Why don’t you join us and see how your quest for blogging for money gets addressed easily?


Anonymous said...

Nice discovery. I am going to use the service. Shirazi