Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fog comes to Islamabad

Tonight is not the last night of the year 2010, as it would be tomorrow that we would, God willing, witness the last sunset of the year 2010. But tonight is very cold and foggy. Yes it is seldom that one sees dense fog in Islamabad. But while coming home tonight, suddenly the road disappeared into mysterious fog and I really had to slow down to pass through this fog that seemed to have engulfed everything in it. I had encountered fog many a times in Lahore, but never in Islamabad – and today was my first encounter.

It was difficult to drive and even more difficult to see the road. Since I wasn’t prepared for the fog with yellow paper applied on the my car lights, there was severe rebounding of the car light back to me, making it even more difficult to see the read, but the white eerie fog.

At one point my wife suddenly told me that I was going the wrong way but then it was this fog that was playing its tricks as I was going the right way. After taking the last turn, the ascent with started with a distant street light acting as a beacon. It wasn’t till I was very close to my house that I started to see its silhouette – the white house standing like an elephant or may be as a ghost into the fog.

After disembarking, the first thing that I did was to ask my son Wahaab to take a few shots for this post. A selection of some of his shots is as above.

By the way, fog always scares me. I will tell you more about it some other day.


Shirazi said...

Then you don't know what is happening in your Lahore?