Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am better off abandoned in the wilderness..

Sometimes, the poetry written at the back of public transport, specially wagons and trucks is both amusing and thought provoking. While going to Islamabad the other day, I saw an innocent nightingale “Nadan Bulbul” – a wagon going on the Shah Faisal Avenue with the verse as shown above on its rear. In plain translation, the verse means, “From the bitter world and the bitter love, I am better off abandoned in the wilderness forever.”

One always find heart broken pieces of poetry, all addressed to the cruel lovers, who left their once poor acquaintances for the riches. One really has to be alert to preserve such “artful poetry” written by countless unsung poets throughout the country. I hear someone has compiled a small booklet on this peculiar poetry, exclusive to the rear sides of the public transport, specially the buses, trucks and wagons.

I remember there was one Kafeel Bhai from Gothki, Sind who had his name on every truck. His peculiar “right arm, left arm” type verses were very amusing and different. I once asked a friend from Ghotki to arrange for an interview with Kafeel Bhai, but I was told that he had left for Karachi in search of better avenues to earn money rather than restricting him to painting trucks only.

Sp whenever you are travelling, be on the lookout with a camera ready by your side to shoot these “masterpieces” from ordinary people that express and represent the aspirations and sentiments of the poor and downtrodden.


Shirazi said...

We said. Some time I come across real Jewell but you have more incisive observations.