Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gul Hameed Bhatti remembered

If he were alive today the 8th of September, he would have been celebrating his 62nd birthday with his kids and rest of the family. But he left us all too early some seven months ago after a prolonged illness. With him gone, a man of exceptional qualities besides being of the best cricket analysts of the world has been lost forever.

From playing cricket inside the small courtyard of our home in Lahore (when not allowed to play outside in the school team) and then writing cricket analysis of self made teams book after book, he became a real life professional in cricket analysis field. Writing from Lahore for the once famous “Cricketer”, one day I bade him farewell from Lahore railway station for his journey to Karachi in early 70s. And then he became a part of Karachi for the remaining part of his life. Made friends, got married to famous journalist Razia Bondray (later Razia Bhatti) , had two siblings as well as a daughter in law and many well wishers.

He was a man full of life, laughter and fun. He made others laugh even when he himself suffered the death of his dear wife in 1996. He lived on alone since then, living for others and making them happy. And then one day on 5th of February early this year, he left us all crying for losing him forever.

This small post is to wish him a very happy birthday in heavens.

PS: Gul HB stands on extreme left in the photo above – the last photo of us all five brothers together