Monday, September 6, 2010

6th September – The Defence of Pakistan Day

It was 6th of September many years ago in 1965 when the defence forces of Pakistan stood united to beat back an aggression from its easterly neighbour. For seventeen days, the aggressor tried to outscore defence forces of Pakistan despite having an upper edge in numbers and weaponry, but failed and finally had to withdraw after the Tashkent Declaration signed by the two countries with the assistance of the then USSR.

Today, the defence forces of Pakistan are facing yet another enemy – much bigger and stronger in its might. This enemy that doesn’t differentiate between the rich and the poor and takes it along whatever comes its away. But the resilient defence forces, specially the Pakistan Army, have come to brave this enemy – the flash floods of 2010 that have been devastating Pakistan since July. The relentless relief operation undertaken by Pakistan Army, assisted by the Navy and the Air Force, is simply commendable. At a time when the civil government’s efforts seem not more than peanuts, there stands one institution well organized and equipped to save the people of the flood hit areas. Hundreds and thousands of people have been evacuated by the efforts of the Pakistan Army and arrangements made for the lodging.
The large scale Pakistan Army relief operation is spread over from Swat in the north to the Arabian Sea in the south – in fact the complete stretch of Pakistan. While the post flood operation is continuing in upper Sind, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhua, the relief and rescue operation continues in lower Sind as flood water is now battering the area with its full might and momentum.
All ranks of Pakistan army, right from top to a soldier are engrossed in rescue relief operations round the clock. The Air Force is using its air fleet to transport tones of relief goods while the Navy is using its boats, hovercrafts and helicopters to rescue stranded and the marooned. Not only this, the men of Pakistan Army are sharing their own rations with the flood victims besides helping them a temporary abode in the countless number of tent villages erected by the army.
And the spirit of people of Pakistan is no lesser than that of September 1965, when they supported the armed forces with whatever they had. And not only this, they also helped the people of the war affected areas and treated them as their own. The same spirit is being seen today. Everyday hundreds of truckloads are sent by the NGOs and philanthropists to sustain the flood victims. Besides workers, volunteers and doctors have reached the far flung areas to provide every possible assistance to their brethren in distress.
The nation is united once again to beat back the floods and are determined to sacrifice their comfort for the relief of the flood victims. It is also heartening that the world community also responded handsomely by providing relief goods, helicopters, medical units and mobile hospitals, besides monetary assistance. Although a lot has been done, much more is still needed to be done. As we are asked to do more in our assistance in war on terror, the world community also needs to do more today for us.
I salute my soldiers and people for helping the flood victims, despite being engrossed in fighting the militants, and hope that the government would now take over to rehabilitate the flood victims back home through the aid received from the world community. The nation rightly expects, from the people it voted for during the last elections who are now sitting in the government and constituting the opposition, a very transparent use of the monetary assistance by ensuring no pilferage of the money and the stores so that every victim receives his right share for embarking upon a new life from the scratch. I hope the nation and the flood victims will not be disappointed by the government.
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