Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome to World Cup 2010 Semis

So finally we have just four left on the field. The Dutch should be proud to be there having humiliated the Brazilians for being over confident. Germany’s routing of Argentina is a shame for Diego Maradona whose squad could not muster even a single goal for face saving and crumbled unceremoniously to the Germans. Ghana resisted well but got unlucky on penalties. Spain finally managed to score a loner to subdue Paraguay.

Although Ghanian squad was dejected, their spirits were raised by their visit to Nelson Mandela’s mansion. Derek Boateng, a midfielder boasted after the meeting with Mr Mandela, “It was a dream come true.” And surely it would be – who would’nt want to meet Mr. Mandela? At least I would very much want to meet this man – the symbol of strength and courage that made Soutah Africa free for native blacks.

On the other hand, Diego Maradona feels awful and consider as being floored by Muhammad Ali. He also expressed his skepticism about continuing as a coach after the defeat of his squad.

The stage is now set for the four lucky ones to be ready to sweat as much as they can to move over to the finals. There have been setbacks – no African team in the race, Brazil humiliated and Argentina routed. No one can now make mistakes – the one who does, will pay very dearly. It is now to be seen who have better muscles, tactics, motivation and team spirit. So far Germans seem quite strong after the exodus of Brazil and Argentina. But what happens out there in South Africa from now on would be very interesting, exciting and may be stunning.