Monday, July 5, 2010

Nadal is No.1 Again

When Nadal clinched the Wimbledon title from a sobbing Federer in 2008, everyone loved it and hoped he would win again in 2009. But his knee problems allowed Federer to win the trophy in 2209 and reclaim his tears. Nadal’s absence from the courts made his ranking slip a few notches down since.

But this year, he seemed determined to win back his lost chance and sailed through easily to reach the finals, while aging Federer bowed out of the courts in the quarters, leaving a level play ground for Nadal. And Nadal’s performance on Sunday was par excellence – a game that champions play. He outclassed the 12th seeded Tomas Berdych (6-3, 7-5,6-4) to win back his lost trophy. Nadal forced his Czech opponent four times and never lost service himself in all 15 service games he played.

It's the second time Nadal has won the French Open and Wimbledon simultaneously. Bjorn Borg was the first to do the same back in 1980. So Nadal is No.1 again, eyeing the US Open now. We will meet next year again to see if he can successfully defend his titles especially when young blood is being infused in the game.