Sunday, July 18, 2010

If God….

We all come across dejected and heartbroken people around us every day. People lamenting against God for not having “done enough” for them and making Him responsible for all their woes and troubles. This reminds me the story of Arthuer Ashe, a great tennis player, who was dying from a strange illness. Someone once asked of him that had he ever wondered why only he, who had reached the pinnacle of his career and heights of glory, had to suffer that way. To this the dying player very graciously replied, “When I was winning and was the reigning king, I never asked God why I was chosen, out of millions others, to be the king. Now that I am slipping away, would it be right for me to complain the Creator of my sufferings and ask Him why me?”

And there is a lot of prudence in it. We only complain to our Creator when we are lesser lucky, but forget about Him when He showers all blessings on us. But there are some, only few, who believe that whatever good or bad happens to them is all from above. Such people, high in perseverance and faith, also believe that in times of distress, which comes from their Creator, if one sincerely and patiently seek help and exodus from the difficult times, their Creator would see to it that they sail through their troubles safely and unharmed.

For every dark night, there is a bright day, there has to be a morning after the storm. It is only our impatience and lack of trust in our Creator, that we lose heart when under distress and say things that are unbecoming of true devotees. I have sometimes seen people quite religious wavering when confronted with troubled waters. They forget that if God brings you to it (the difficult times), it will be only He and Him alone who will bring you through it.

But this stage only comes into one’s life, when one has unwavering and unflinching trust and faith. Do we have that?


Asghar Javed said...

True. Very true. Thanks for reminding this once again..

Jalal HB said...

Thanks SAJS