Sunday, July 11, 2010

Farewell to yet another good mother

Mothers are never good or bad – all mothers are good mothers no matter what. They are always there to receive you with their warm open arms and great hearts. She would forget her emptiness for the fill of her off springs. As Tenneva Jordan said, “A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” A mother is born with the child birth of her offspring and for the rest of her life; she has an enormous responsibility to shape the character and person of her child at the cost of her so many wishes and aspirations.

But children don’t seem to care much for the sentiments of their mothers as they see a life for themselves away from their mothers. And move away to distant places, keeping their mothers longing for their company or even a phone call. But in some cases, children don’t seem to really care about a woman in waiting.

But most children do remember her no matter where they are. And one of them has been my friend SAJS. He has been looking after his mother from the very depth of his heart. Whenever his mother called, he rushed to his village and attended her best he could. She was a typical loyal mother to her soil, and despite the fact that she was sick, she would not leave her ancestral house in the village for better treatment in cities like Lahore. A couple of days ago Shirazi again got a call and he rushed to his village. I rang him up as usual, as I did everyday to discuss our blog related issues, and was told that he was on his way to village to see his mother. I wished him a safe journey and prayed for the health of his mother. And then it was last night, when I got a call from a weary Shirazi, he sounded sad and hollow. And then he broke the news of his mother’s final departure to her heavenly abode. This was really shocking and sad. Having lost my parents awhile ago, I could feel his pain, sadness and void within on this great loss.

It is true that everyone has to catch this last bus sooner or later, but no one really seems to be ready for this last journey. And one specially wishes his parents and very close relatives to be always near him, never wanting them to catch this last bus forever. But this wish is never to be fulfilled as that is how the Nature works. So while we share the sadness and grief of dear friend Shirazi, we bid farewell to yet another good mother and pray the departed soul to be blessed and may her soul rest in peace forever. Ameen.


Deb Sistrunk Nelson said...

This is a beautiful post. I know that our friend SAJS has been a devoted son. Surely, his mother knows even now that Shirazi is a blessing from God.