Sunday, July 11, 2010

The clash of the Titans – World Cup Grand Finale

So after lot of speculations, which almost proved wrong as the tournament progressed, we have reached the much awaited grand finale. The battle between the Spanish and the Dutch teams is going to be the clash of Titans. Both teams have so far displayed a spectacular display of their winning strategy, ground play, formation and high degree of motivation and resilience. Both sides have their claims and are boastful of their victory even before stepping into the arena. No wonder, it is going to be both exciting and highly charged event, which will be witnessed by billions across the globe today.

For the Dutch, the final means a lot to them as it is their first appearance in the finals since losing back-to-back title games in 1974 and 1978 to hosts West Germany and Argentina. While for Spain, it is their maiden entry in to the World Cup football tournament ever. Therefore, both teams are attaching great importance to the event and are secretly working out their strategies to score a winning game and lift the cup.

And for the third place, the Germans won a close win 3:2 over the Uruguay and have some face saving when they reach back home. Even third place is a position to celebrate. But the winner remains the winner and remembered. So who is today: Red(and blue) or the Orange(s) – lets wait and see.