Saturday, June 12, 2010

The World Cup Kicks Off with a Colourful Ceremony

Yesterday was the day of a colourful South Africa. The opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup was a display of nation’s response to the honour bestowed upon it for hosting the coveted world cup. I watched the ceremony on TV, and as I said in my last post, I was digitally there in South Africa to join thousands of spectators to watch this amazing, breathtaking, splendid and spectacular ceremony.

I wish I could sum the ceremony in a few words as wave after wave, South Africans both black and white, dressed in colourful African dresses came, made innumerable formations and drew heavy applause from the spectators who had jam packed the arena. The tribal-themed dance entertained the crowd along with American singer R. Kelley, South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela, and a vibrant fireworks display. They made various signs on ground including the world map and the world cup logo, which was fantastic. I muct commend those who thought,planned, designed and organized this multicoloured show. Also the performers need to be complimented for their mistake free performance and for putting their heart and soul in their performance.

The dignitaries had come from all over the world including U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and South African anti-apartheid leader Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who danced in his seat along with the music. But while there was everyone, the absence of Nelson Mandela was badly and sadly missed whose great-granddaughter was killed on Thursday night. The South African president Jacob Zuma, however, paid tribute to Mandela by saying, "The spirit of Mandela is in Soccer City," as the great African leader had a major role to play in the promotion og gmaes and specially the football in the country.

Like the performers, the spectators too were dressed in native dresses, colourful and absorbing, and participated equally and jubilantly in the proceedings of the day. The blew the vuvuzelas, plastic, trumpet-like horns at their will which added more noise to the show. Like the ceremony, the entire event will be remembered for a long time.

The video above says it all – it cannot be described (Video courtesy: Thechilean101)