Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why only the Banks?

Everyone in his daily life wants additional money to sustain life. Be it the replacement of the old car, children education, home repairs or even funeral ceremonies of near and dear ones. Banks obviously are the first choice of many to obtain loans. But ever tried to get a loan from the bank? Oh boy, it is messy, long queues and piles of papers to sign with never ending terms and conditions. And when you delay even a single installment, the mortgage section of the bank comes in to harass you. Its really disgusting.

Come in such times companies that have better solutions with many affordable plans for you. One such company that offers you competitive plans is Aussie. The other day I was reading the site of the company and I thought I must share with my viewers the highlights of plans offered by Aussie.

If you are interested in buying a new car or obtaining a personal loans, now you know you can look up to Aussie. You can apply online, should not take you minutes to complete the formalities, and your loan can be at your disposal just on the next working day. So simple, isn’t it?

And like a good family head, you would be worried about your family and their better future. Aussie Life Insurance has wonderful plans for you. Aussie is an authorized representative of The Hollard Insurance Company Private Limited. You can also use an online instant Life Insurance Quotes by providing a few essential information about yourself. Likewise the Aussie Funeral Insurance can help you in the time of grief to make timely arrangements without running here and there and wasting time when you need to be with your family.

And like all good companies, Aussie provide you with credit card services as well. You can access your card from anywhere and can even use the phone line to manage your accounts. You can also allow someone you trust a credit on the same account.

If you are renovating your existing home or even thinking of building a new one, the Aussie Home Loans with rates starting from 6.61% could be a best choice for you. Your applications in processed in days, and not weeks, to provide you hassle free support to build a shelter for your family. However, the amount of the loan depends on your income, savings and other financial commitments. With no hiden fees, Aussie home loans seems a plausible preposition.

And that is not all about Aussie. Aussie provides you one of the best mortgage broker services. Being Australia’s best mortgage brokers for two consecutive years, their brokers can advise you on all aspects related to mortgage before you start looking for a house.

So log on to the Aussie website to find solutions for all your financial problems.