Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recording Unthought of Thoughts

Today, my college day friend Jalal introduced me to his blog and asked me also to write something. I am not a good writer, rather a writer not at all, but still tried to go ahead to oblige an old friend.
From Jahojalal, I picked up a quotation from Francis Bacon which made me think of all those unthought-of thoughts that wandered through me from time to time and then just got lost as I could not record those. The quotation says, “A man would do well to carry a pencil in his pocket, and write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable, and should be secured, because they seldom return.
And how very true. I have often experienced this. When lying down before sleep, or relaxing after a meal, thoughts, some very beautiful, original and meaningful, come to my mind and I would often think of writing those down on the first opportunity I come across a pencil and a paper. But when I finally get to a writing thing, everything is lost or so jumbled that its originality had been lost. And then I repent for not having a pen and paper by my side always when relaxing.

I would do it tomorrow – as lazy as I am. When would you?


Jalal HB said...

Thank you for the post - I also need to have a pencil/paper by my side "soon"