Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Computer Gaming Becoming Mobile..!!!

There was a time, when one had to be glued to his/her DESKTOP PC ,sitting at one area of the room, to play high requirement games.Now with technology advancements gaming trend is also changing.
With the advent of Laptops, came the birth of PORTABILITY which with time to time became better and came close to the performance which a Desktop PC would deliver, and one such example is Alienware.
Dell's ALIENWARE "M17X" is the top of the line in portability, when it come to high performance gaming and working with high performance applications!!. With its capability of getting out the best of powerful, CORE i7 extreme processors , high performance DDR3 rams , top of the line ATI's video card HD 5870 crossfire , high performance RAID hard drives , BLU-RAY drives and a large 17 inch LED screen, M17x is truly the winner!!.
It's casing is made up of Aluminium and with its sophisticated designed silent cooling fans, the reliability factor of power hungry components is assured by eliminating Heat. It weighs in approx 5kgs and with the performance it delivers ,the weight is of no issue!!! .
M17x is no doubt the most powerful gaming notebook in the world today!!.
It's pricing starts from 1799 US $.
So if you are willing to spend a huge amount of money in a portable Giant machine!! , look no further and stop by Alienware's site(aliemware.com) and customise your gaming notebook with numerous options available in almost all the hardware, according to your will and enjoy what this machine can deliver and take it anywhere!!..


Asghar Javed said...

Nice post WJB. weldone.

Jalal HB said...

Being his first post - I value it the most. Btw, he has written very nicely. Hasn't he?