Friday, February 19, 2010

Marriages and Interesting Times

These days an interesting debate is going on in the Punjab Assembly. The debate , ostensibly initiated by a female legislator, for passing a bill that would allow men to marry more than one wives without seeking the permission of the first wife. Although, our religion allows four marriages even without the permission of the first wife, but that is to be done under exceptional circumstances and not for the sake of it. And in the regime of late president Ayub Khan, a bill was passed that laid down the restriction of more than one marriage unless allowed by the first wife to curb the tendency. And this debate is being discussed by all legislators with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. As if that is the only thing left to discuss in our assemblies.

Why I call it an interesting debate is for the reason that presently our country is in the grip of grave fiscal, human and law and order crises. The “Awam (ordinary people)” are hard-pressed to live their normal lives. The prices of bear essential commodities that sustain life are beyond the reach of most of the people. Innocent people are dying in bomb blasts and soldiers are laying their lives fighting a war on terror. Still our honourable members have time to talk of marriages and making merry. 

Aren’t these interesting times of our history?


Asghar Javed said...

To me it looked they are having fun with such a grave issue and in the face of such situation as we are facing.