Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dilemma of those left All ALONE

Marriage is a unique bond – it binds two strangers together for a life time. They share many ups and downs of life together. Scarcity of money to buy many things that one would want to buy and then settling down for less. They would want to have a house or a car or many other things, which wont be forthcoming. But they would still cling to each other happily, because  for them the bond matter the most. They would have children and would want to give them the best of clothes, living and even education. Whatever they could do, they would for the happiness and love of their children. As for them their live revolves around those little angels.
But there are some lesser fortunate. They have everything – a big house, rather a dream house. Money and everything one can think of. But they don’t have life – they don’t have children. So their life is all about them. They care and love for each other. Tend the other spouse when ailment strikes or someone dies in the family and they wipe each other’s tears. And the life goes on with each other. But then one day the unthinkable happens finally and one bids farewell to the long and happy life for his/her heavenly abode. Leaving behind the other spouse ALL ALONE. The left one suddenly finds himself in a void – a vacuum, not knowing what next to do.
I came across such couple in my life. A very happy couple. Living for each other. The husband running pillar to post to have his spouse wish or request fulfilled. When she fell sick, he took her to every doctor, quack or someone who could recite something to heal her. And his wife reciprocated by cooking him the finest of dishes and painting countless canvases to hang in the castle like house he had built for her. But things wouldn’t improve and suddenly one day the nature called her back. The man was shaken to earth. Not knowing suddenly what to do. This is just two days back. And today when after attending the lst rituals of the third day (“Qul”), he said, ”Now what would I do all alone.” Although, I tried to suggest him many things, but he wouldn’t listen as for him, his wife was the only thing he knew since they got married some four decades ago.
Though, as everyone else left, I also did. But in my hearty, I was wondering the life that man was left with. ALL ALONE and ALL by HIMSELF. This is something which one only can feel and understand when this happens – actually happens. And I really do not know how this kind of life could be lived even when he has all things known for comforts of life. I can only pray for him. But I don’t have the answer to the question he asked me.


Asghar Javed said...

Life has to be lives as it unfolds,sometime with very strong memories. No one can stop.